Sauna Park

In the sauna area located in the Medical Centre building and the belonging silent, separated garden a log sauna house, a steam bath and an aroma sauna is available to the guests. We ensure the cooling after the “heating” with the help of cooling tub, bucket shower and a special ice feeder.

Sauna has a well-doing effect on the human body, regenerates body and soul, furthermore strengthens the immune system. The heat of the sauna during use forces our body and soul to rest, calm down and relax. Its long-term effect is refreshing, because freed from the toxins via our skin our body will be recreated, our skin will be more beautiful and clean.


  • Sauna house – Finnish sauna
  • Aroma sauna
  • Steam cabin
  • Cooling tub
  • Bucket shower
  • Special ice feeder

Sauna séances

On each day of the year, twice a day sauna séances heat up our program offer in our sauna garden.

Our sauna master responsible for the temperature and good mood heats up the cabin gradually during the séances with the aromatic infusions poured on the oven, ensuring the acclimatization of the guests this way. The duration of the sauna program is 12-15 minutes, but of course if the dear guest feels so, he may leave the sauna during the séance.

The sauna garden is a textile-free zone similar to the western sauna habits. For the sauna use we provide sauna sheets free of charge against the payment of a deposit fee.